Procrastination at its finest

I’ve always wondered how blogs start out.

I picture them to be inspired by some great idea or some burst of wisdom. For me……not so much.

There really is no method to this madness.. I’ve simply spent all morning researching the many ways of losing belly fat the “quick and easy” way.
I found a lot of great exercises that may do the trick, several vitamin supplements that might help and I even watched a you tube video of Dr. Oz ranting about some fruit from South East Asia that will burn fat “no exercise needed.”

HELLO! ‘One way ticket to Asia, please.”

With all of that being said… I have a strong suspicion I’ll look back on this first post and think “Man, I’m an idiot.” But this blog hasn’t been inspired by some great idea and probably won’t turn me into an internet sensation..  I simply started this blog to *hangs head in shame* ……  justify not getting up and running or even walking on my treadmill.
Procrastination at it’s finest.
I always make these big plans in my head of how I’m going to bite the bullet and lose weight. “I’m serious this time.” I tell my husband.  He just smiles and gives me what encouragement he can. It’s frustrating to be 25, the wife of a GORGEOUS man, the mother of two children and struggling to juggle all the demands of a house wife AND have a sexy physique to boot.
I guess the biggest task in overcoming a problem is to admit you have one.
Well.. I admit it.. I have a problem.  *sarcasm* I bet it’s a thyroid problem. I better have it checked out by the Dr..  I kid I kid… Buuuut seriously. I am hoping to shed some weight, get motivated to live a healthier lifestyle and maybe get some form of support and to encourage others as well.